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- De La Rossa -


dob: 20.11.2009
height: 48 cm
weight: 22 kg

Health results:

HD: A/A, ED - 0/0
PRA-prcd: N/N - clear
GM1: N/N - free
JDCM: probably normal


Reel Life Black King

(HD:A, PRA-prcd: clear)

Reel Life Porter`s Promise Real Life Ivy Leaque Cutwater Nigt Music
Real Life`s Polse and Ivy
Real Life Pixel Perfect Cut Water Night Music
Alegro`s Venus
Real Life`s Golda my Heir Cutwater Night Music Rovin`s Ribombar of Spindrift
Cutwater Annie Hall
Real Life`s Gipsy Row Zull Penrico Azul Marino
Azeltona de Casa da Serra de Aqua

Dassin Aquadelic

(HD:A/C, PRA-prcd: clear)

Armada`s Let`s Rock the Boat Armada`s Capitan Schrodinger Helm`s Alee Red Right Return
Rainha Encapelado Helm`s A`Lee
Sun Joy Helm`s Alee Nina Armada Sun Joy`s Quarda O1 Mar Alto CD
Sun Joy`s Indecent Proposal
Dassin Hurricane Hanna Dassin Surfs Reel Life American Dreams at Gemson
Gemsons Cassiopia
Anchor`s Dolly at Helm`s Alee Helm`s Alee Birch Bark
Helm`s Alee Hugger at Anchor