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- B - litter -

ob: 24.04.2015

5 x males
6 x females

Amber Eyes'Magic Break For Dance

female - curly

she lives in Austria








Amber Eyes'Magic Barnabie

male - curly

he lives with lovely family in Croatia






Amber Eyes'Magic Bunch Of Happiness

female - wavy

she lives with lovely family in Norway





Amber Eyes'Magic Bubble Bee

male - curly

He lives in Romania





Amber Eyes'Magic Bilbo

male - curly

He lives in Finland




Amber Eyes'Magic Bravo Nero

male - curly

He lives in Sweden





Amber Eyes'Magic Baltic Weave

male - wavy

He lives in Indonesia





Amber Eyes'Magic Belive Me

female - wavy

She lives in Poland




Amber Eyes'Magic Before The Night

female - curly

She lives in USA





Amber Eyes'Magic Brooke

female - curly

stay with us





Amber Eyes'Magic Be My Pride

female - wavy

She lives in Russia





Camlin Seadancer Made in America for Mokry Bandita 

AmberEyes'Aranda for Dad


PRA prcd A normal (Genomia test)
DKK 0/0
OFA Excellent
GM-1 normal (by parents)
Genotype for Improper Coat: Normal (Genomia test)

JDCM-cardio 1-1 (probable normal) (USA test)

prcd-PRA: clear (genetic test - Laboklin)
JDCM - probably normal (genetic test - Laboclin)
HD - A